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01. Romancement's Trades (Holds and Pending)


I am ALWAYS looking for:

  • Gift box caps
  • Rosy cheek face paints
  • 7th birthday cake slices
  • 8th birthday cupcakes
  • Upcycle fortune cookies
  • Lab ray fortune cookies

I use ~Waka for trade values but I'm more about what I'm sentimentally attached to. As such, nothing in my permanent closet is for trade, or even showing. Please feel free to NM with an offer, or send me your tradelist.

IMPORTANT: Currently going through and editing/updating my tradeslist after a hiatus. It should be pretty accurate but to be safe I will always check to make sure I have the item before I agree to a trade.


  • 22 = on my pirate side
  • 33 = on my lab side
  • 44 = on my roo island side
  • 55 = on my space side
  • 21 = hoping to get this in a 2 for 1 GBC sale :)

Any single number (2, 4, 5) just means I have MULTIPLE of an item.

Happy trading, folks!

This section is for anything on hold or pending a trade!

This list is empty.

04. 1 GBC

All items in this list are 1 GBC. Single digit numbers (2, 3) indicate amount whereas double digit numbers (22, 33) remind me what side it's on!

This list is empty.

05. 2:1 Sale Items

This is stuff I'm trying to get rid of, 2:1 GBC trades!

This list is empty.

06. Buyable Stuff 2:1

Also 2:1!

This list is empty.

Items romancement wants

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01. High Priority Wishlist

This list is empty.
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