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We've received $896.00 toward our 2017 hosting costs. Thanks so much!

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From modeling to servers, Dress to Impress is a community effort. This year, we need to raise $890 to cover our 2017 hosting costs.

As a thank-you gift, for every $5 you give, we'll feature one of your outfits here and on the homepage. Show off your latest designs!

All donations are securely powered by Stripe, and go directly toward our hosting costs. Thank you for your help!

  • Thanks to our lovely donors!

    Some notes on featured outfits

    TL;DR: We love to help and acknowledge our good-faith donors, but reserve the right not to do those things, in order to better handle bad-faith donors and unexpected circumstances. Smiley

    When you make a donation, we'll divide the amount by $5 USD, and, rounding down, that's how many of your outifts we'll feature. This is our way of publicly thanking our donors, and we love doing it! However, it is not a purchased service. Your outfit is not guaranteed to appear anywhere on the site, for any amount of time. (That said, our donors' outfits generally appear on the site very quickly, and we plan to continue to showcase them for as long as the site stays up!)

    We reserve the right to refuse to post any content for any reason, and we reserve the right to remove any previously posted content at any time for any reason. If we we're not comfortable with the outfit's name, the outfit's appearance, or the name on your donation, or anything else, then we might choose not to publish it. (That said, we plan to allow any name and outfit that are appropriate for Neopians of all ages.)

    If you change your mind about donating, no worries: you can request a refund at any time Smiley If it's within 30 days of when you donated, then we promise to refund your donation as soon as we can. If it's been longer, we're a bit more limited in what we can do, but we'll try our best to help! Additionally, if we remove your outfit because we didn't feel comfortable showcasing it, then we may choose not to issue a refund, regardless of when you ask. (Sorry for the extra complexity, but this exception helps us discourage bad behavior.)

    We also accept donations via PayPal. Please email us for more information. Thank you!!

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