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We've received $1,010.00 toward our 2015 hosting costs. Thanks so much!

Thanks for supporting Dress to Impress!

From modeling to servers, Dress to Impress is a community effort. This year, we need to raise $840 to cover our 2016 hosting costs.

As a thank-you gift, for every $5 you give, we'll feature one of your outfits here and on the homepage. Last year's outfits were pretty great—will this year's be even better? :o

All donations are securely powered by Stripe, and go directly toward our hosting costs. Thank you for your help!

  • We made it! Thanks again, everybody! Any donations from here on out, I'll consider a thank-you gift for working on the site—though, seriously, it's an honor to serve y'all regardless Grin

    For example, I got to have a blast chatting with all our donors, gathering feedback and helping your ideas come to life—and, really, hearing from y'all is legit always the most rewarding part Smiley If anything else comes to mind, or you just wanna talk tech and shoot the breeze, please let me know! Emails make my day.

    Happy 2015, everybody!

    How are donations used?

    And, we're back! It's been a fun year for Dress to Impress. We hit 25,000 users, 13,000 items, 15 million pets modeled—and, thanks to your nominations, we're now officially a Recommended Fan Site! It really is a joy to serve this community and watch it grow Smiley

    As we continue to grow, though, our hosting costs are increasing a bit, too. Our 4GB Linode server continues to serve us well, but, as y'all continue to produce cool images and share them, our Amazon Web Services usage costs have gone up a bit, putting us at an annual budget of $870, as opposed to last year's $800. Not a big change, but, since you're our users and benefactors, I feel like it's important to keep y'all in the loop Grin

    And, seriously, I love that Dress to Impress is entirely community-funded. Last year, we raised our annual hosting costs in less than a week. That's weird, guys. Unheard of, really. And it makes me really happy to be able to work on a project with this kind of serious tech power behind it, without having to resort to ads or all that sketchy biz, because people just love Dress to Impress that much

    Oh! And, if you donate, we'll feature your outfits! As our little thank-you gift, for every $5 you donate, you can choose an outfit to post here on the donors list and in rotation on the Dress to Impress homepage. Last year's outfits looked really cool, and I'm super excited to see what y'all have come up with this year Grin

    Finally, a little personal thank-you note: I've learned a lot from a decade of working in the Neopets community, and I feel like Dress to Impress has really hit the sweet spot: a technically challenge project that real people use. This community has helped me gain the experience I need to join the Khan Academy team, where I'll get to help bring a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. (I just finished up week three on the job, so this fundraiser is starting up a little late, eek xD)

    So, to the entire Neopets community, and everyone I've met here since, like, elementary school: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow toward the person I am today. I continue to be in awe of your love and support, and I'm super excited to put it to good use.

    Happy 2015, friends! Looking forward to being a part of this community for years to come Smiley

    Thanks to our lovely donors!

    Other ways to donate

    We were considering PayPal for accepting donations, but ended up choosing Stripe as our primary donation method because it's easy to integrate and because it's well-trusted in the developer community—and because we've heard too many horror stories of small organizations having their PayPal accounts locked down when they suddenly start receiving a bunch of transactions. Scary stuff.

    But, even though PayPal isn't integrated into the site, we'll still gladly accept individual donations through PayPal if you'd prefer. Drop us an email and we'll talk details. Thanks!

    Some notes on featured outfits

    When you make a donation, we'll divide the amount by $5 USD, and, rounding down, that's how many of your outifts we'll feature. Cool, eh?

    This is our way of publicly thanking our donors. (Thanks again, by the way!) We love them very much and want to bring attention to their awesomeness. However, there are a few important bits of legal whatnot to keep in mind. (Mostly, it's the list of things that we expect to do but in no legally binding way promise to do. Just in case Tongue)

    Featuring your outfit is a thank-you gift that we like to give our donors; it is not a purchased service. We make no guarantee that we'll post your outfit on any page for any particular amount of time, or even at all. (That said, we expect to publicly list our donors' outfits somewhere on the site for as long as the site lives, and in rotation on the homepage until some other site event or feature needs the space.)

    We reserve the right to refuse to post any content for any reason, and we reserve the right to remove any previously posted content at any time for any reason. If we don't like the outfit's name, the outfit's appearance, or the name on your donation, or anything else, then we don't have to publish it, and we won't necessarily refund you—especially if the content seems malicious. (That said, we intend to allow most any name and outfit that are appropriate for Neopians of all ages.)

    If you change your mind about donating, no worries: you can request a refund within 60 days of donating, and, so long as you're acting in good faith, we'll refund the entire donation. (For example, if you realize you can't afford to donate, or legit just change your mind, then we'd love to help you out Smiley But we don't want people posting obscene content and expecting refunds once we take it down, so we need a refund policy that lets us reject those requests Tongue So, we determine "good faith" at our sole discretion—not limited to those examples—but we're generally pretty understanding.)

    TL;DR: We love to help and acknowledge our good-faith donors, but reserve the right not to do those things, in order to better handle bad-faith donors and unexpected circumstances. That's the whole deal Smiley

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