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Long Orange Dress

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Youll certainly stand out in Neovia if you wear this dress.

Occupies: Shirt/Dress

Restricts: None

56 users have this item up for trade: realgf, brookieboo17600, neoneo_original, clemkesh, kirkdolly, crocodilesmouth, Astra, MysteryInc, lollirott, Sealestial_k, spunkbubblicious, littlecatsteps, blackrazzicecream, v_e_x_e_n, atlantis_2816, sulgkoolon, MiddleAgesMaiden, nacinerenee, bussss, keonne75, Master12, princesslexi24, mochalilylapis, dish000, stormblaze, Zeina, daisysaver, Morgmar, peachycakes, tumblleweed, Rwaaaar0.0, fnordeater, Samson06, graitlinkace, e_dubbbb, taeeli, shadecut, Aerinis, rdscuba343, glamourai, BestGhost, roar, vigo, Zeekrom, tartanTabby, beccyy, agh_fk, planlysastrata, zuli_zuli_17, TangoMango, feminist, lilybugme, Star2856, Bebaa, sweetiebot, and Fatima more less

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