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Wind Up Gift Box

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Whats inside? No one knows! But its bound to be something good.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

57 users have this item up for trade: sarcasticdeath, lightmage, karo,, puppysmix, layces, becki622, coldicyanger, Kokojazz, martia, raelien, Latrellstephen, _xxangelcakesxx_, farshiverpeaks, abovis2, harrts, redlinepichu, Brogan, Claudear, extravagance, jirachigirl9, scheherazade10, jmo7692, hartley03, Hilarionsf, jotty346, Marc, becki622, seals, paintedpeophin, reece_layton, ellabella1987, slayergal666, goalkeeper50, tiggy027, topazyurble, F_e_c_c, molarz, Pika, nepkeete, bella611, firepixy, lin_cjaem, becki622, gordo793, Aerinis, tsuki18, Chriddy, jcdrgnfly, sky_berri, divineaurora, millertime704, Calliegraphy, ramonesbaby, 123zc, mandakitty12, and gingembre more less

1 user wants this item: rejecteddounut more less


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