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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Flowers and Ribbons Headband

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This headband was created by hand and is quite intricate.

Occupies: Static

Restricts: None

115 users have this item up for trade: Deerly, itemsnot_for_trade37, Exyrea767, Kime56, 1tomread1, itemsnot_for_trade27, botones, bunnyfir, Ringer, valikthebuilder, hillary890357, runnerk93, lady_powderpuff, _wildmoon_, items_not_for_trade3, mooonpoool, emily93, jouster, items_not_for_trade9, CalicoTigers, kimchica, Marleen, tootsiex3, siaaaaanxo, karo, poodledoodle, oOKirara2Oo, hayleyanna, MauMau, arhallick, Tyger, Gingerbread, roseyfen, lillyybear, lilkramit, itemsnot_for_trade13, Mimsdal, afiercedarling, lightmage, layces, Bre, coldicyanger, _cerulean_, forfun, Marleen, martia, itipeque, melieworm, Penscript, sweetpeach7720, Eizzel, _xxangelcakesxx_, Bonnieblue01, felixfelicis, Queen_charming, Claudear, extravagance, safrana, sebbiea, buzzilyn, cearabelle, royal-jelpi, cupcakeh, ri-bread, gothgoddess1, jouster, hopefordreamz, kitschyy, Hel, shyannjordana, sunkissed_dew, christina89_2_2, adeth, Maryannika, seals, paintedpeophin, topazyurble, bighead620, answeredxx, ajanledagag, firepixy, jossie, xoople, rpgangel, bossyboots2u, captivated_xx, nightwishfaerie, devin1211111, tsuki18, elan, bbubblie, Kyd, wihs, divineaurora, wilde_baby, millertime704, missbeez, sternfan, Natty1066, ramonesbaby, jewdea, kristinlos, whitehouses, Traum, Sylria, wailers, Megham, hidefromreality, brenn219, Amberino, Twilightfox0, Solyane, miissttee, Jd h, and Yen more less

14 users want this item: shylady04, curseofthecoffin, sar103, ohyeahallison, hongdae, estellebright, lalala, lil_kitten_kaboodles, allenrawr, Symmetra, pootlecat00, Bumblebee, Namorita, and Biggetje more less


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