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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Sparkling Snowflake Necklace

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

No two snowflakes are exactly alike, but all of the ones in this necklace are certainly beautiful.

Occupies: Necklace

Restricts: None

193 users have this item up for trade: And why is this, startrek, witch_isis, gores101, lightsfalling, Brynnita, marzipanmeringue, hellokittyx, arolia, Kurama, wifeybartee, cabar20, squirrelscout, VixenXO_, Quest_faerie_blossom, itemsnot_for_trade37, prin69, mxchellerxe, phoelia, Menageries, danandtomsluva, Thatsmycloset, grossygladi, dzalph, theoceanempress, Karnallure, chantluigi, FoxyRobin, snuggle_33, karuness, capturedsecrets, hrbfbi, dreamsinamist, itemsnot_for_trade27, Linlove, flannelRaptors, Antony, Clairyfairie, Ricardo_, Loopy, willowscoe203, NatalieGraham, Kitsune, Zerobeat36, Britt, borzoiy, miho_chan04, katrina2035, animalparade, 170, lady_powderpuff, chillywilly, Shadyhaven, Witchisis, intotheunknown, itemsnot_for_trade20, mooonpoool, Caity, komayto, itemsnot_for_trade16, Ringer, mordicai, sweetkhaleesi, Frostyxx_, potter, items_not_for_trade9, Aeiki, curlygirlloves, lacicale, elhiwe, flowerspirit, CalicoTigers, RosaIce, roseyfen, swizzbob, kaylawuvsnc, Cab426, tootsiex3, cassiej95, uber_, maybealways, goldfur, violetsigh, hayleyanna, spellfall, meulynn, diadems, eggtart_bakka, arhallick, roseyfen, kdn, itemsnot_for_trade13, Mimsdal, goldenox, simplesong, ostian, thorilliere, bunnyfir, ShelbyTay, piida, itemsnot_for_trade19, Con, lightmage, meredithfayrd, Blaise, Kokojazz, silvernoon, ___veilside___, jo_fitz, Marleen, rubywhatashmoo, Thedark, melieworm, berly, Maileth, karatekid927, fuzzklekins, Eizzel, tazannee, _xxangelcakesxx_, Lilyfire, Krimson, emmy_kat_26, Shymoon, abovis2, tiffanymc, Bonnieblue01, NicoleGoddessofLoki, kovu, cinder345, OzarksUFT, decalis, kevinbacon, extravagance, Amberly19, NCCashTrades, ladybug420, cicely, thegenius, xxxfenice_neraxxx, EmmaTiny, durkje, Sigris, theoriginalboocat, jamiegsy, Leafeon, sapphoandsybil, Hel, Mekaila, nepkeete, sunkissed_dew, paintedpeophin, morgkitty, topazyurble, hunter4ever, answeredxx, Pika, tripexprin, skulling, echobabygirl, mybeebsnme, xoople, kymkitten, bossyboots2u, beccaflaries, tsuki18, roar, naika_is_da_best, elan, bbubblie, novxcaine, Tyger, acidrain, dalila_arends, Tami, divineaurora, wilde_baby, pisheileen, millertime704, taytay, babyunico, caminando, awkwardewok, SweetTime, ramonesbaby, ReluctantBadger, whitehouses, KirisAmou, margee, Megham, miissttee, Jei, and Birgitte more less

13 users want this item: motleygirl, branuelto_88, rosey_posey_jenny, forgottenfolly, Faeriedoll, cjsdustbin, venabre, kuramas_foxy_rose, animetriplicate, jamjike, Nilo, Skortchybear, and Harlie more less


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