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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Summer Beach Bag

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This roomy beach bag can hold all your towels, sunblock, and beach toys!

Occupies: Left-hand Item sometimes, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

108 users have this item up for trade: ralzanya, mooonpoool, kittykatally, Steffindor, picturescrazy, Doll, sewingcute, Fiona, mariscloset, caliikid, candyflames, Ricardo_, return_of_itsy, talky_toon, avelaingia, pythagoras, lucario348, echobabygirl, mitzi, Daniellemt, CalicoTigers, heathernel, heathernel, Vixenx, geeketcetera, kimchica, arhallick, brother_red, gingerbabyx3, tootsiex3, Sturmtosend, alphafemale, hardy0417, dopamine_junkie, Alice_174, tyndershark, Gingerbread, roseyfen, goldenox, Miosuki, caz, daeonica, morgkitty, sick_daylight, Kokojazz, Akari, halo_hopie, Blaise, gothika, ___veilside___, jamiegsy, martia, asellusofshrike, moonbunny45, jazziejc, vampireslayer142, summer80, finaleternity, sweetpeach7720, cuzforlife, cindy_23492, _xxangelcakesxx_, suzie_b_1, kovu, spaceybite, Sigris, uv_goth, itipeque, Dulcinea, ladybug420, lien, durkje, Meer, kndmonica, jmo7692, hanlb, nepkeete, babygirltamera, Humanboss, topazyurble, bighead620, hunter4ever, answeredxx, scary_chicken, firepixy, jossie, xoople, amarinda, leelia, abbinator, bossyboots2u, novxcaine, hillary890357, taytay, nexxice, ramonesbaby, milliaswan, veea7, whitehouses, beruru, Windwaker, xulark, AlohaTink, miissttee, Jei, nightstars558, Xwee, and firenrocks more less

7 users want this item: NutellaOnNewts, curseofthecoffin, Aeiki, xxmew_zoey_xx, Pulse, cantoutrunaduck, and Ninibear more less


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