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Infinite Closet

Double Rainbow Background

Rarity: 101 (Special) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

But what does it mean!?

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

19 users have this item up for trade: kytrin, neoneo_original, psychotic_serenade, Astra, devilca, hannah_, ostentatious, jardoz, Rhabarbara, goldalinemydear, trunks_girlfriend, cooties, steffyace, dazzle1622, juliettexo, albuginea, jose jesus, Kimboslice, and Elruwen more less

8 users want this item: Himeglamour, raileychu, Usulita, forgottenfolly, StupidSiren, pinkprincess899, DekSy, and tartanTabby more less

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