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Starburst Shower

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Its like your very own mini-fireworks show!

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

85 users have this item up for trade: araelle, layces, im_so_jaded16, Tifferbugs, bunnyfir, vampireslayer142, xmysticalangelzx, stmarshall, Starguardians, Nier, polajess, game_of_thrones1, tatisan, asellusofshrike, Biggetje, karen.knismesis, oOKirara2Oo, KindJester, colormeclever, Arya, artistdisposition, Latrellstephen, Mandah, bunnyigooboo, _xxangelcakesxx_, undeadhanky, shirok, Jolene, lyfeofthelonely, cinder345, TielsandBudgies, Cowshed, riosuave, sapphoandsybil, NCCashTrades, noasferatu, 1337Offers, dafrozen, SilentCloud, alessandria707, significantbrother, ri-bread, kathleenh, Cassiopeia, radiokarma, theyellowrose, kitschyy, wikkineo, Hel, babygirltamera, tegan6561, adeth, Seven, sn4zzeh, slayergal666, butterfly_522, wildangel333, trunks_girlfriend, velvet_lechance, hunter4ever, Sisebi, novastorm, katiec86, Alan, amarinda, Firenze, bossyboots2u, tsuki18, sneaky_kid_2003, claireeski, Mel_Sergent, einahpetsx, dremrae, sao106, trubiekatie, Beastiephile, Calliegraphy, Mama1979, ramonesbaby, cya163, tahitianpearls, shawa, Chaotiic, Lexii, and Cass_Rising more less

21 users want this item: Ludou, Madeline, jelast, umnfresh2, Minna, wcioraly000, amber_hart77, theoriginalboocat, Charcharr, Jellybaby, jlpearcy1, jollyjo, tripexprin, dimi, Thalassocracy, LoliBite, discohappytia, Jayne, Colby, Soupreme, and pwalter2013 more less


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