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Infinite Closet

Forgotten Shore Background

Rarity: 101 (Special) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

Take five steps to the right, and twenty steps to the left, and you just MIGHT find a treasure!

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

109 users have this item up for trade: kytrin, brookieboo17600, neoneo_original, agentcpfan, psychotic_serenade, nayalah, arkay9, crocodilesmouth, ladygiggls, marshclan13_, svcr121, underwaterchomby, sandrileen, ginri27, mojave, Starrfairy, wishstarr, turduckenail, xmereana, hamdinger7, 1tomread1, Clairyfairie, hujyt_8_8, Blahk, kaede, tuchhc72, spifafiny, lukadresser, bloone, sterneflugel, randisnahwai, Gia338, atlantis_2816, sulgkoolon, soccerb7, MiddleAgesMaiden, nacinerenee, adurkee7, sasuke1322441, littlecatsteps, flallnatural, rosegarden, Master12, itemsnot_for_trade13, mochalilylapis, stormblaze, Camelyas, seel24, daisysaver, phiddie, 2016mag, hasenpfeffera, ohmydaysxx, ltedick25, joltix, neirose, mysteryfuzz, peachycakes, gothgoddess1, kris4210, boybit, Rwaaaar0.0, malkshake, malingchaobff, Samson06, elmc, graitlinkace, bella611, ambra5555, e_dubbbb, happymix, taeeli, leelia, rdscuba343, juliettexo, Blessing4eva, Chaotiic, shoutitfromthehills, LeahD92, Zeekrom, mandykellum21, pisheileen, roxy_mutini, Neoboy, horsesruleme123, hisako, agh_fk, jamodi, aumazing, planlysastrata, admiralsnipes, Singingbird, zuli_zuli_17, rayonna99, Judith, aznboy1997, Exinspired, kingofs, lilybugme, AllynByrd, hayleybh1997, annuska, dew_fairy, foxlights, milow94, sutures, sweetiebot, Squidney, and Avouch more less

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