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Lush Green Island Tree

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Just dont stand too close or a coconut might fall on your head.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

27 users have this item up for trade: frownyy, naners, cinder345, hegemon, itipeque, veilside, Sigris, Cassiopeia, kharnak, Teags, 40_below_summer, skulling, Carousel, vienna, NikkiLacroix, neekoe, Maki, gazellen, DekSy, Kylierae, Blaise, Sarcasmandbeyond, nacinerenee, Chriddy, Lady Astrid, lbartoli, and ella20101993 more less

41 users want this item: Minna, spukl1, Rometus, romancement, noivurn, lareborba, Bearz, SarahJuneBug, easilyxamused, supersara247, thapprentice, ShelbyTay, nataliea, Soupreme, cheeky_jess, dirtylace_420, deerestauri, chia_mich, Caesar, pinkflowerchild, pinkflowerchild, lovely_anais, kriffy100, chausiku, ene_x, jotty346, spookygirafke, terahawk, sylla, _Sushi65_, becki622, jfyki, rejecteddounut, novastorm, Kimmi, juliettexo, pudston, Emy, aznboy1997, Amortentia, and undercover_oboist more less


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