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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Halloween Nesting Dolls

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These normally fearsome Neopets look quite adorable as nesting dolls!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

178 users have this item up for trade: vampire, demfla, Enchanted, KioLake, gymbrat2010, squishyhug, And why is this, witch_isis, Alice2008126, cbl93, manafione, sebaskpo10, Sandy2, Kaly, Tobio, galactic_crow, Cricketgoddess179, itemsnot_for_trade27, mstowell, Becki3206, linsgbcsale, bodhikels, Sydwinx, Stelephant, 360spinfish, zeniththeblack, ohyeahallison, danandtomsluva, XivampiraIx, dirtclown, deakzy, bebeamant, daniellepaw, cherry_25, prin69, Mulraine, bunnyfir, Gearsprncess, engstrom1234, NorthernStar, andres_1550, likeanevergreen, aelyn, daimyomaki, aevari, fleana, Roum, roo, potential_ruler, abookthief, catarina_chan, flanngo, Aplowd, wifeybartee, iloveyou637, Asphydel, Hilarionsf, sydneymorgan, _cabby, jewellbeetle, Kamal, katiec86, Emmatjuh, Saoirse2020, Mickeyy, lizwisch89, kh2riku, Antony, lorratee, Katie Kat, spacey91, Gia, painted_dreams87, roseyfen, katrina2035, Kime56, louisep, chillywilly, Smirqe, gotarcticfoxy, _prism_, avalonsmage, abtaylorxo, Spyren, neareida, branflakes, SchuShaw, Rukaisa, honeyguts, starrynightsky13, imbitter, teabiscuits, xdeath_metal, flyflyjellyjelly, items_not_for_trade3, m0th3r, itemsnot_for_trade17, Torilynn22, potter, spellmagic, CalicoTigers, just_a_girl95, Brubru, heatherperry, jamiegsy, lonewoff, sweetchocolate, heylyss, deweydecimal, esraeh, tpel, bwilson512, thew00, peacebuggiee, chrissyfromla, Christie, boren16, sweetpeach7720, dependence, xmistyxerox, riseupgamers, jessi018, Mamiknitcrochet, Liss, thedirtydean, jouster, DearDeanna, xxlaurennxx, blumbot, gerrralddd, bugbless, Kianna, violent, Sturmtosend, Trhpeanut, Peach, special, thecheesey, aventinaratraya_, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, Blaise, smalvaradd, Jaded2222, hairetikos, kdobbin, palegold, silvernoon, lally199, ashley87, kristinlos, Pandora, ___veilside___, aubrielle, colormeclever, chiagilbert, plasticboat, harrts, lyfeofthelonely, Kristin76, Melleroo, mylist, nono_10_, neopian124, chickenderby, fairytail, cheeky_jess, udubgirl2012, Helia, mheowh, Jamsie, morgkitty, Seven, Wunderbutts, garette, Zeekrom, Sisebi, chloe_d, and naika_is_da_best more less

4 users want this item: yellow_gellow, Aimierre, mentalyuncertain, and Chyane more less


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