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Fluttering Snowflakes Shower

NC Rarity: 500 (???) JN Items

How many beautiful snowflakes can you count? This NC item was awarded for shaking a Winter Holiday Snowglobe!

Occupies: Foreground

Restricts: None

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56 users want this item: wokitana, Mitsukichan, phear_o8g__48, temari, leapingelk, claireeski, holymoly, liegeman, colorfulhearts, mlnlw, Lissy, Minna, jak3, lucent, missxblonde7x, iinkedd, JMcDine, g0rjess, riosuave, sweetestgurl013, idalia, alooongtimeago, thapprentice, emiliabright, cristaliss, spacevixen, adeluz, Lydia, behiko, Athnei, Charcharr, gabisanabria, maruader, jotty346, alisonage18, thunderchild109, thenirnroot, simimaelian, guillermoborges, Trinity_3000, rejecteddounut, jlpearcy1010, xela, pixienerd, Danielle8611, deathyard, Lora, mentalyuncertain, jamjike, aeristh, roxmatica, saturn_glaive, Ladyjibril, krgoetting, Kyt, and Chyane more less


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