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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The trick is to use ice instead of gel. This is the 1st NC Collectible item from the Defenders of Neopia Collection - Y14.

Occupies: Hat

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings

103 users have this item up for trade: lithopel, BambiXS, roseyfen, Aplowd, Audrey, Sweetpea2207, Caffeinated, emokidd0, Aristide, mercurydivine, mooonpoool, cuzforlife, itemsnot_for_trade18, itemsnot_for_trade17, sewingcute, hockey298755, lightcranberries, Erliane, invaderzimgrl777, CalicoTigers, gigiwuwi, heathernel, guik44, livard, stinky_678, Sturmtosend, roseyfen, MauMau, nocandle, stasanie, deweydecimal, goldenox, skwooshy, mundo_felix, itemsnot_for_trade19, marva, lymypaikka, seel24, Bayonetta, tv-island, ebazza, ohmydollface, ___veilside___, Callie_C, mauvus, Nita, o00angel_wings00o, Sigris, Lydia, wantacookie, TielsandBudgies, Rometus, Kate26, Quinalah, darkwave, jwtruthgirl, Melleroo, SilentCloud, Cryotical, orangepoptart, wazapets, Ramiro, Snobby, Obeah, Hel, Mekaila, Anifail, Kitticula, playingotter, answeredxx, mandarofl, indieblondie, katelynn, Antiphantom, Alan, Complexum, leelia, 122907_, Firenze, beccaflaries, himeghan, neekoe, novxcaine, PropheSai, Minhan, EnvyMai, Animagus, CamilaNewsted, Natty1066, goldmare, Colby, veronika, ene_x, Gabudude, blackbudahfly, dnzinha, einahpetsx, kotabear, velue, miyuki_kat, Susara, ze_rose, and probabilistic more less

18 users want this item: Ebircs, gabberstagged, catz1, yellowflower7, yopojoe, ipxd7255, kennon, kitcowling, chaindrive, Minna, gnorbu_yarn, Garizard, graceboscorelli2012, venabre, terahawk, Bebop, Jayne, and Melle more less


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