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Painted Flower Contacts

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Look closely at these contacts and you will see flowers! This NC Mall item was awarded for cultivating a negg with the Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #1 - Zigzag.

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

55 users have this item up for trade: graceboscorelli2012, Latrellstephen, kittylittr, kriss_rr, Plushielover63, lien, Janah, KittyKatty1234, Sigris, s57v58, Shortages, wazapets, b2350721, Helia, craftycrow, jmo7692, Aeveeitazura, heartskisshugs, leellah, Friday, Sdwalden, sirakana, mandarofl, Thyago, arieloh, xoople, becka0_0, kymkitten, lillcutie, nightwishfaerie, beccaflaries, NikkiLacroix, Lukeila, emilyrosebrown, kalkatak, cchristina, stacieface, pisheileen, cavex, Conny, EnvyMai, Animagus, himeghan, muuah, Inanis, Blaise, Mama1979, immiedoll, veronika, ungoldless, bryzee, Lady Astrid, IsadoraSobredo, eiridel, and rainwolf420 more less

14 users want this item: Phenixiasama, giant_gummi_worm, jimaaa70, umnfresh2, jess_1109, crowless, Katedress, pikakeet, Kimmi, kuramas_foxy_rose, Bebop, Dragaen_faerie, merrymoon369, and darkknightdragon more less


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