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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


MiniMME13-S2b: Gothic Sunflower Bouquet

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This is a rare bouquet, as black sunflowers are hard to find. This was the second stage in a two-stage Mini Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MiniMME). To learn more about MiniMMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.

Occupies: Left-hand Item, Shirt/Dress sometimes

Restricts: None

96 users have this item up for trade: Thatsmycloset, Kime56, Antony, Rexcalibur, GermanyRose, violetstarrr, medinaariana, Kaydri, ravencrow, Sereria, kristee, nickedogawa, usukiland, maeveofthesea, Doll, chillywilly, chippypink87, sbunny, aouie, roseyfen, itemsnot_for_trade18, kulikowc, itemsnot_for_trade17, itemsnot_for_trade16, Sunshynegirl, yasmin_sb, avalonsmage, sweetpeach7720, Bre, heylyss, babble, _iina_, tpel, Picasso, flameoftheunderworld, gerrralddd, paintedromance, scarstardumb, CalicoTigers, shirok, heathernel, wrathofwest, dalejr, abusively , sternfan, AJ, kalsagnia, nocandle, itemsnot_for_trade13, deweydecimal, deathbyflower, itemsnot_for_trade19, Timesamyth, sothebys, coldicyanger, ___veilside___, confidentconfused, aphasia, non_nc, Kokojazz, Cutiepie4707, rubywhatashmoo, godtiermarsupial, miowed, chrissyfromla, Daisies, Phantom, riosuave, saronnia, Uzhul, raelien, himeghan, mystical_wolfia, easilyxamused, starr234, SilentCloud, shylady04, wazapets, Helia, jmo7692, Jamsie, agent_sparks, hunter4ever, Thyago, kitn2002, nightwishfaerie, Brindelle, Elusi, Minhan, cavex, kotabear, OokkoNaata, veronika, jewdea, Emy, and ReluctantBadger more less

24 users want this item: gabberstagged, lonewoff, Happea, planetmars, OnFleek, forgottenfolly, afiercedarling, yoyohayli, coralina, ginnyclone, princebentley, Namorita, jp0212, decoupaged, Aimierre, Dragaen_faerie, aubrielle, Minna, Linneac, shyfiresign, terahawk, Kimmi, DekSy, and saraashyboo more less


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