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Red Suede Booties

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

So shiny you wont mind it if they get stepped on. This NC item was awarded through Patapult.

Occupies: Shoes

Restricts: Body Drippings, Hind Drippings

30 users have this item up for trade: Giogio, Vixenx, kriss_rr, cuzforlife, happy_91, naners, riosuave, itipeque, RosaIce, einahpetsx, origamimouse, catz1, moondust, corn_pops2002, Blaise, jmo7692, aiyu, jamiegsy, kirable, chloe_d, e_dubbbb, phiddie, Jennygpy, hillary890357, edubb5, pisheileen, EnvyMai, venused, Animagus, and kotabear more less

9 users want this item: lareborba, Conri, ishfish14, Demidelune TL/WL, laughinglola, understateunion, Camistc, Skortchybear, and amilu more less


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