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Neopia Peripheral Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The money tree is either plotting to steal your NP or thinking about eating that delicious sandwich.

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

117 users have this item up for trade: fleur, riss_chan, pollypoodle11, espyroo, sarcasticdeath, booop, yourheartismine, Carareign, Shadyhaven, violetsigh, lightmage, marva, happy_91, coldicyanger, kccap, lyranell, Kokojazz, ___veilside___, aphasia, martia, Shoy, plasticboat, misfits138x, mauvus, Latrellstephen, Dove, morgkitty, Nita, Eizzel, Lyss1560, easilyxamused, sylvanite, Bonnieblue01, cinder345, pfbabyz, Brogan, smalvaradd, riosuave, depraving, Purplebin, mmelcg, lien, glasstiara, faerieskater, Nocturnite, jakynar-sales, Cassiopeia, greyfever, wazapets, Helia, lyssiie, jaejae, Shadyhaven, jmo7692, Mekaila, mdawn10, Kellyd45, Kristin76, chelseyhamill, OhJay21, hayley, tiggy027, shylady04, gregoentre, petrock554, hunter4ever, molarz, Jasindro, mandarofl, mistyraider, corn_pops2002, xomissbrittanybooxo, Cutiepie4707, chloe_d, nightwishfaerie, asterisk_trine, bummer932, elan, return_of_itsy, Mel_Sergent, cchristina, cavex, Conny, Monique, Lynn, zeusbobcat, taytay, TARDIS, Solyane, Justtakeitaway, nexxice, Rainha, himeghan, einahpetsx, salyrian, PHEONIXED, paradisiec_play, desmoondontinae, ameythest72087, ramonesbaby, veronika, Gabudude, Exinspired, Ina, skro, Kaila, kipberman, goldmare, ArtemisMoon, gizinator, yumio, Sparks, Soupreme, blackbudahfly, jardg, Emy, and ingrid more less

2 users want this item: endlessknotx and Friday more less


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