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Headless Cape and Mysterious Box

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Whats in the box? Im sure you can guess... This NC item was awarded for opening a door in the Perilous Catacombs.

Occupies: Hat, Right-hand Item

Restricts: Collar, Eyes, Hair Back, Hair Front, Hat, Head, Head Disease, Head Drippings, Head Transient Biology, Markings, Mouth, Ruff, Upper-body Transient Biology

55 users have this item up for trade: CopperGoblin, velvetgeisha, Hekka, Latrellstephen, Lucite, happy_91, lar, starr234, bam__x3, Katanachi, Meer, cchristina, grimen, kitschyy, udodelig, ascynx, bphaupt, sneakascope, SereneTL, molarz, Masato, Jasindro, sar102, Squibbie, firepixy, chloe_d, nightwishfaerie, Psy, Mel_Sergent, alim, pisheileen, bummer932, mike11695, taytay, Justtakeitaway, danel, mandypops, Natty1066, PHEONIXED, desmoondontinae, ramonesbaby, Serrahwei, veronika, Emy, justplainboringg, thedetermineddiva, nacinerenee, Exinspired, Skortchybear, djsmurphy, einahpetsx, admiralsnipes, Seonyul, Sparks, and missmoo33172 more less

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