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Frozen Star Lights

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Time to make a winter wish! This NC item was given out as a prize for hanging up a stocking during Stocking Stufftacular.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

135 users have this item up for trade: Exyrea767, pollypoodle11, sarcasticdeath, silvernoon, oof, Temeraire, Carareign, marva, Daze@Y1997, tinyemi, csi_sage, mmoocow123, koalaharrislover, kccap, kdobbin, ebazza, gothika, Kokojazz, painted_dreams87, Fearless, silly_mistake, velvetgeisha, berly, mintcandycane, Shoy, Maileth, skellys, Cricketgoddess179, Reeves, lolasneopets, poephoenix, Lyss1560, pfbabyz, karuness, lancey_smiley, Bonnieblue01, dafrozen, decalis, makujyonu, extravagance, hlysmkz, panda1421, happygirl, thedirtydean, dafrozen, SilentCloud, 5522_sylkie_5522, clumsycloyster, nineoneone_, audra_morningstar, durkje, Cassiopeia, ellabella1987, wazapets, eiviis, Tikiara, glasstiara, kitschyy, superimposition, flashash10, Luv, dare, NIKKI_ANEE, sn4zzeh, Cats411212, deathbyflower, literary, icing800, Mekaila, overspill, Anh, butterfly_522, shylady04, bemine_4ever, chelseadawn, hunter4ever, Antiphantom, arieloh, Yellowd, corn_pops2002, jossie, xomissbrittanybooxo, pikakeet, Complexum, chloe_d, wintersunboheme, Steffindor, 122907_, buri_guri, emily93, tangledheart, lillcutie, nightwishfaerie, korruo, playinthewaves, jamiegsy, Elusi, Mel_Sergent, alim, jojoscloset, flying_ona, cavex, Conny, Kittyne, Nilo, TARDIS, Esmee32, Kawaii_Chii, pythagoras, venused, Rainha, zeusbobcat, lakelax, Mama1979, desmoondontinae, cornflowerblues, pwalter2013, maku_side1, ramonesbaby, fukanocecile, reginanr, conditamaya, einahpetsx, du_garjzla_freohr, hipppio, bryzee, Jezzyx3, Exinspired, noodlelon, chevy_nelson, dnzinha, minnybri, princymeng, Destiny_Sphinx, and grimmy88 more less

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