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Wheel of Monotony Collectors Shield

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

It may look like the Wheel of Monotony, but this shield wont make you fall asleep. This is the 4th NC Collectible item from the Wearable Wheels Collection - Y16.

Occupies: Left-hand Item

Restricts: None

38 users have this item up for trade: folkearth, sarcasticdeath, Carareign, coldicyanger, hunneypot, lien, makujyonu, thedirtydean, bd_chooky, tiggy027, Nocturnite, greyfever, theyellowrose, glasstiara, lyssiie, jmo7692, deathbyflower, Kristin76, Genevieve, arwenvs, corn_pops2002, allenrawr, x3spencerx3, hayley, hunter4ever, lin_cjaem, korruo, savoir_adore, flying_ona, Conny, TARDIS, Justtakeitaway, einahpetsx, zeusbobcat, Natty1066, dnzinha, ene_x, and Lynn more less

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