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Flower Ferris Wheel

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

It is the perfect size for your Petpet! This NC Mall item was awarded for cultivating a negg with the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #3 - Wavy.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

74 users have this item up for trade: game_of_thrones1, themandabear, Carareign, bunnyfir, giant_gummi_worm, cheeky_jess, Blaise, Kokojazz, tachy0n1c, greyfever, joypeace4u, Lyss1560, jelloisyummy76, bshiiz, mysteriousallure, nubu, extravagance, jackdylan, Purplebin, Hellohope20, s57v58, audra_morningstar, Dragorath, jakynar-sales, daisytree288, radiokarma, jouster, wikkineo, Helia, lyssiie, kitschyy, flashash10, jmo7692, moon_hates_you, kharnak, nepkeete, atturigs, vauntie, Nadya, accade, golden_girl25, phong, hunter4ever, Demadla, gabisanabria, scary_chicken, arieloh, Alan, vienna, lillcutie, Mel_Sergent, cchristina, shilohs, DestielGirl, _Sushi65_, jusjus72, harrts, unixchick, einahpetsx, TARDIS, Kawaii_Chii, pythagoras, sree, Stahlfeder, Sisebi, zeusbobcat, ingrid, joelie6662000, Irishminx, aumazing, Skortchybear, bryzee, Sparticuz, and kelliregina more less

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