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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Light Damask Markings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These painted markings are in damask patterns.

Occupies: Earrings sometimes, Markings, Markings sometimes

Restricts: None

42 users have this item up for trade: Thatsmycloset, furyofhounds, Thatsmycloset, Ricardo_, aelyn, catarina_chan, itemsnot_for_trade25, Demadla, itemsnot_for_trade23, usukis, drifter, itemsnot_for_trade14, itemsnot_for_trade11, fengzhongqiyuan, items_not_for_trade7, asellusofshrike, phlyarologist, itemsnot_for_trade20, gotarcticfoxy, itemsnot_for_trade17, CandyNC!, bunnyfir, shirok, NeopetsHall, rains, CalicoTigers, jennyliiu, heathernel, lycarisse, mistyums, mayday0301, Sigris, SilentCloud, jmysmptin, becka0_0, jossie, tsuki18, korruo, Tami, brashhopeful, pisheileen, and Natty1066 more less

116 users want this item: 01_baby_girl_, TaumikaM, morghaag, Nikolai, Carolinadaf, JMcDine, Rascle, allenrawr, sweetie_purple16, flanngo, cujocookie, Kime56, Fleur_beuxbaton, lolaae, Sunshynegirl, easilyxamused, baj2117, shnicky7, gabberstagged, Vixenx, pootlecat00, Venzin, roosewald, mysticwolf2805, neareida, 170, eunoiad, venabre, chillywilly, crafty, stariiangel, yopojoe, runawayx13, Picasso, Tikiara, Crusshine, ipxd725, Run3ll, artificieus, lcedot, Frostyxx_, Astreyu, ariane27d, darkslytherinqueen, Ghostei, Sezyvex, HowlSilver, Chimiusa, cawzer2, djanae, queengaladriel, xxdonutoid, gordo793, mayabelle, choobie, StarlightShimmering, kimmi_koko23, melt44, Megham, lillydog117, ri-o, confidentconfused, jakynar-sales, Kimmi, Marleen, bloodbunnyh, bayla_hay, opel1156, game_of_thrones1, starspangledsky, verlaud, bradiblue27, muuah, idalia, lovepacsun, _reyah_, Minna, jimaaa70, umnfresh2, Lydia, lyfeofthelonely, GreyBirdReader, Lissy, RosaIce, melab00, Callie_C, cristaliss, chippypink87, pinkflowerchild, larissa_eldest, jlpearcy1, Cameron1515, JDactyl, Scrac, kyera, inourstars, thapprentice, alisonage18, claidissa77, sweetestgurl013, terahawk, laughinglola, coleblerone, glitterbarf, bigmew, usukiland, darkinvader1981, kidkrunch, mentalyuncertain, kyrii_princess, Chyane, pickpocket007, Rainha, monsterish, KirisAmou, and milliaswan more less


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