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Golden Damask Shield

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Great to pair up with matching armour!

Occupies: Left-hand Item

Restricts: None

61 users have this item up for trade: chocopurin, tpel, kcleones, Rachel___xo, riosuave, Stellar, Ailsa, SlightlyWinged, gothika, kmase2003, forfun, maeblossom, aubrielle, CopperGoblin, Daisies, joypeace4u, Eizzel, poephoenix, Lyss1560, mysteriousallure, nubu, decalis, bam__x3, draggile, durkje, Cassiopeia, daisytree288, Pulse, aiyu, Kristin76, coco_bella, CalicoTigers, Seven, petrock554, chelseadawn, jazzyyy, Antiphantom, kirable, lin_cjaem, wintersunboheme, tangledheart, bd_chooky, floopeh, Cheribi, hillary890357, tochtoch, temari, cherylx, jaclyn1, brashhopeful, notentacles, ycymio, pisheileen, Lizzy, etryn, Skortchybear, Sisebi, _Sushi65_, Natty1066, Midnightales, and jussylynn more less

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