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Bumbluz Light Wand

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This Bumbluz will tolerate even bad concerts.

Occupies: Left-hand Item sometimes, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

44 users have this item up for trade: lunatic_kiss, Athie03, 18toes, Corruptions, Corruptions, ixiholic, cheeky_jess, Benji, Lukeila, Kokojazz, Fuzio, Abii, Lyss1560, pfbabyz, vihhdomingos, Bonnieblue01, Cutiepie4707, Princesalid, NeoCassie, discohappytia, Kristin76, LostLX, Demadla, Thyago, Antiphantom, anivatta, Yellowd, corn_pops2002, alphabritt, tangledheart, Mattswift, taintedbayle, bbubblie, cartmanismyidol, Psychedelice, jonsi, Psychedelice, Irishminx, blue_gurl_, hermionie278, Destiny_Sphinx, tinyghouls, Skortchybear, and cassiopea566 more less

4 users want this item: ostentatious, Kimmi, aphex, and venabre more less


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