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Rolled Sleeves Summer Shirt

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

If it gets too hot you can always roll up your sleeves!

Occupies: Shirt/Dress

Restricts: None

9 users have this item up for trade: ilovemykitties12, Chaleny, graceboscorelli2012, bloodynoses, venused, bbubblie, unknownlore, pisheileen, and TARDIS more less

26 users want this item: riosuave, puvs, muuah, withoutprotest, meilin, elena_maykot, frozencookiedough_z1, kcleones, confidentconfused, sketch, kristinlos, Courtnifyed, Daisies, solestri, xskimdlove, mmelcg, Minna, thapprentice, Sigris, piratepaintrox5, punkys, Caesar, idalia, cutiegelert, laughinglola, and Skortchybear more less


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