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Dyeworks Mint Chocolate: Shooting Novas

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Ohhh... Ahhh... what pretty shooting novas! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

54 users have this item up for trade: Ghostei, divine, kcleones, thedirtydean, RosaIce, Lilmisse, Kokojazz, taelia, Daisies, berly, opel1156, Bernardo Sampaio, artistdisposition, Nenia, Royal, bshiiz, PurpleGumdrop, bunnyigooboo, jelloisyummy76, spaceybite, lancey_smiley, decalis, miss_lauren1, alessandria707, udubgirl2012, udubgirl2012, Helia, deerestauri, tehuber, roxychalk, bwilson512, kharnak, shyannjordana, Dino, mariezy, petrock554, Sparticuz, labradorescence, chickenderby, melab00, Antiphantom, Yellowd, dirigibleplums, wintersunboheme, Firenze, Animagus, sweetkoolaid, sketch, bbubblie, taeyeon, fvuong, unixchick, Nilo, and Natty1066 more less

9 users want this item: KittyKatty1234, confidentconfused, Violette, wickedwonders, idalia, Kimmi, ablaise, Skortchybear, and sftangliz more less


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