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Black Flowery Eyeball Bouquet

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Charming for some, terrifying for others.

Occupies: Right-hand Item sometimes, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

42 users have this item up for trade: gothika, Kokojazz, jardoz, Amo, gian, spellmagic, kitiara31, Sunshynegirl, rsuave, hellojuicebox, mystical_wolfia, insincerety, yellowfr3ak, yellowfr3ak, Iggyific, Purplebin, udubgirl2012, myharto, tehuber, Helia, jmo7692, hartley03, cassadaisy, petrock554, Thyago, kitn2002, dirigibleplums, tangledheart, nightwishfaerie, bbubblie, Annieji, treants, amber_hart77, brashhopeful, Luvarien, Destiny_Sphinx, venused, temari, gingembre, lilmisscantbwrong, jussylynn, and Sisebi more less

7 users want this item: LittleMissAlexa, CupcakeBakery, becki622, Skelly, copkhuu, kuramas_foxy_rose, and terahawk more less


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