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Dyeworks Purple: Jewelled Pink Spyderweb Garland

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

If only it had a disco ball to go with it! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

30 users have this item up for trade: jknee, Nier, jouster, Ichtaca, keia0987, jaejae, staryanna, suixx, radiokarma, jussylynn, lukinhas2007, Sisebi, mewfacer, starspangledsky, hopefordreamz, mysteryfuzz, jesselb9289, padf00t08, guilhermexo, zen, dolphingirlkurama, shogunaska, dragonsladynugua, Paranoid, luffy, kadoatieland, bellebellez, devin1211111, Natty1066, and Skortchybear more less

31 users want this item: jelast, Spabl, LittleMissAlexa, Kimmi, kendallSN, Minna, naners, Caesar, Meer, thapprentice, lissait, Quilpy, Hilarionsf, mrs_chubbychicken, corn_pops2002, veronika, bl1nd3d, gordo793, Shareina, SugarCookie, ablaise, terahawk, Lyssie, Tralah, idalia, ladyxdanger, voxhumana3327, Sdwalden, Ghoul, discohappytia, and StarlightShimmering more less


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