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Dyeworks Pink: Appetising Caramel Apple

NC Rarity: 500 (???) JN Items

The Aboogalas are so crunchy! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

51 users have this item up for trade: eceltic, jouster, Alice_174, Wenchleeuh, yasah7, Amo, Daisies, svajone, kuehne, devin1211111, Abii, Kokojazz, special, Giogio, lightmage, starrqua, Oceahn, Callie_C, Kageric, Sigris, hayley, shishou_fuuin, Mengtie, daisybaby11, lissait, chiagilbert, ghospie, neogrl, alooongtimeago, extra, suixx, SeraphMichael, kiwigoddesskimmie, jussylynn, vihhdomingos, reece_layton, Jennykgpy, neko_jose, sarahnyy051, undeadhanky, fairyshy, udubgirl2012, wintersunboheme, mysteryfuzz, OzarksUFT, hc_pillow, Paranoid, luffy, bellebellez, neonxtiger, and Natty1066 more less

23 users want this item: llmac4lifell, Scarlett, easilyxamused, opel1156, pikakeet, Courtnifyed, elena_maykot, cheeky_jess, Lyssie, Miranda, Shareina, alisonage18, ablaise, terahawk, gordo793, mariezy, roo, idalia, voxhumana3327, kitschyy, melab00, MarvelMom, and oboeflute4 more less


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