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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Floral Vine Cuffs

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Do not worry, they are not actually growing up your arms. This NC item was awarded through Grave Danger.

Occupies: Gloves

Restricts: None

146 users have this item up for trade: cbl93, Thatsmycloset, And why is this, sweeteas, eceltic, danandtomsluva, ello, mysteriousallure, Antony, rainingaliens, xxx_whitewolf_xxx, bunnyfir, crafty, lolalives_x, hellwilder, Katie Kat, avalonsmage, kangaroos_luver, smilingxcat, Sereria, Kitsune, OzarksUFT, sammysaccount, midnightpoppy, baaplejuice, book_wyvern, atomtrade, llmac4lifell, arlyranna, polesiapart, Lovos, brixxia, Sliced_Ramen, _cabby, Shadyhaven, ohyeahallison, amythiiel, UmbrellasAndRoses, roseyfen, crsawinton, rissachu, Princess Zelda, itemsnot_for_trade20, aouie, MayAngelQt, itemsnot_for_trade18, itemsnot_for_trade17, itemsnot_for_trade16, Porosnax, squeaktoy, FoxyRobin, Gia338, lightcranberries, Kris10K, summerxnightsxx, prin69, oshichi, CalicoTigers, RosaIce, naptime, João Victor, lugal222, MindError501 & 502, tonythe2nd, violent, lightsfalling, DearDeanna, wiither, MatokiJelly, stinky_678, alooongtimeago, nofx__, itemsnot_for_trade21, Pastelcolour, unheroine, moonshimmer18, Missa, raelien, areslover555, alphard, dragoncitoazul, sunshinedaisy, lunatic_kiss, itemsnot_for_trade19, marva, confidentconfused, Trinity_3000, Blaise, ebazza, kiwigoddesskimmie, Lilmisse, Kokojazz, spinmedry, bayla_hay, Melleroo, colormeclever, cutie_harris7, jelloisyummy76, StLouisGirl, honeyleaves, humanoid_plant_vash, buzzilyn, SilentCloud, catz1, Marinessa, durkje, Karu, starling91361, theoriginalboocat, zaldazomutt, naners, hartley03, jamiegsy, birdwalk, Lakame, velvet_lechance, leellah, neopian124, reece_layton, hailang, Aruhange, Sigris, Demadla, Thyago, xDaydreamx, flyteofheart, becka0_0, Sycotica, katiec86, chloe_d, angelor_deviludecide, dirigibleplums, velvet_lechance, novxcaine, lizaturtle, temari, tmofall, vicki_2571, Sobia, jaclyn1, shilohs, Outfits, kisses, taytay, Destiny_Sphinx, and Esmee32 more less

25 users want this item: wolffange1626, bldra, shininglasers, lolaae, valriven, Sezyvex, kit_angel8497, gabberstagged, pootlecat00, ncbuyable, forgottenfolly, EllieThePikachu, forgottenbirthdays, roxychalk, Bumblebee, The13thBlackCat, rorru, ri-o, venabre, vitorplemes, Kimmi, beruhm, ssdti, guillermoborges, and Namorita more less


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