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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Black and White Lace Dress

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Intricately designed lace makes this simple dress special.

Occupies: Jacket sometimes, Shirt/Dress sometimes

Restricts: None

88 users have this item up for trade: game_of_thrones1, i_will_always_luv_me, Ringer, mmoocow123, rowanrat, Symmetra, gerrralddd, capturedsecrets, tompunks, kirbysdreamlandthree, novelista, rugrat0ne, divourwig, avalonsmage, pink_gatomon, Kaly, iloveyou637, Frostyxx_, watchout92, sunnyvilla, potter, cherry_25, Shazuku, azuresky, faith_lovehope, spellmagic, Linlove, NextWorld0, Eliade, painted_dreams87, jamiegsy, superman, aelyn, safi, theheroforce1, mizu_sky, xxlaurennxx, nivetha16, jaborosa, bluebear, DearDeanna, siaaaaanxo, shofi_111, amsisk22, moonstonejr121, snuggle_33, mstowell, stmarshall, natalia_24_8, jiyoon, curseofthecoffin, lavendermoon, oshichi, dianacpv3, Miluve, purple, Kaymariex3, NatalieGraham, Mengtie, meilin, nofx__, jennibeans, Sliced_Ramen, subzero, FoxyRobin, mariah_socool, skyinqueen, Vixenx, Nevadaka, Bre, Kokojazz, OzarksUFT, ecarter11, plasticboat, cassiopea566, srsface, Mel_Sergent, reece_layton, SilentCloud, kugarugi, madzi, Sigris, materialgirl, auriun, hunter4ever, Leonardo_emo_emo, white_rosalia, and edubb5 more less

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