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Maraquan Silver Markings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These markings will shimmer under the sea. Note: This item is only wearable by Neopets painted Maraquan. If your Neopet is not painted Maraquan, it will not be able to wear this NC item.

Occupies: Markings, Markings

Restricts: None

159 users have this item up for trade: Nightfades, dreamsinamist, Oceahz, teus, bwiblitz, woof456, asunari, CopperGoblin, catzrule, lil_angel1327, xmysticalangelzx, badgiford, smartalecked, sophmonte, nils, itemsnot_for_trade28, crafty, roseyfen, sweeteas, katiec86, Merengue, sara_spunk, Kaydri, toughduckette, inciters, slaphappytwirp, elocinne, FutileUnicorn, ouzzow, beetlejuice, Rexcalibur, Sanae, medinaariana, tinkmaskter, vvild_iris, cmhawkins1709, ncwyeth, jelast, mojito, maxodrama, melyeah, Shadyhaven, Shadyhaven, Shadyhaven, Haieno, 06Lolo, crayolaa_skiess, miami, lilmisssimsaddict, SchuShaw, xStacyx, sunshinedaisy, dreambeatle, proverbialromance, potter, summerxnightsxx, Daisies, gotarcticfoxy, cookies_new, skaw19, hwilks93, silva64aa, hazelgrace, oshichi, snowydoe, curlygirlloves, jessi018, naptime, gabygoval, CalicoTigers, thereha, adurkee7, kitcowling, linjie, tusklore, misssybenz, mandyiscute40, yopojoe, dakotaaa, tonythe2nd, athzalar, daintyvelvet, verlaud, Agnes, riss_chan, smalvaradd, mistshroud, aquaantoni, fresscoo, paigeanng, suneibybaby, Chickendootch, Illuyen, blast10899, scrumple, sherlockpwns, itemsnot_for_trade13, raquelle, Bearz, frozencookiedough_z1, carien_rizo, alphard, koalaharrislover, thenirnroot, kate_454, lunatic_kiss, raventhroat, fireangel, 92bluebell, shannonnbananonn, bunnyfir, tpel, claireeski, fauxpaper, phiddie, jardoz, godtiermarsupial, ohyeahallison, kitiara31, werelupewoods, yahbby, deweydecimal, blushingbeautie, hidefromreality, silversteven, madzi, undeadhanky, mysteryfuzz, Ferh, srsface, sanriobey, xeclipsesx, behiko, flowersformachines, cityscape, peachycakes, alooongtimeago, autumnn2, noasferatu, itsdyeanne, itsdyeanne, Nyssa, bonnywoe, corn_pops2002, alisonage18, velvet_lechance, jamiegsy, aniram46, elierra, ingrid, cassiopea566, happymix, kitn2002, garettesky, Miyuuna, smallestfox, replehsnatas, maria1593, and zeusbobcat more less

29 users want this item: Mondsteinherz, hongdae, natalietoday, hunneypot, kirstie_lol, claudia_cat, rubbert0e, ncbuyable, jesterlavorre, EloraTM, nebulousfable, Anh, emilijaann, grayst, jasilin, venabre, Roangie, GabrielFCF, Jingle_Bells, Psychedelice, Lucas_Caldeira, heyykarina, lava, vicentorus, Aurelia, haerondir, Flaurence, iron_nuckle, and pickpocket007 more less


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