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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Red: Winter Couture Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The latest trend in winter fashion! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Hat, Hat

Restricts: Body Drippings, Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings, Ruff

79 users have this item up for trade: mmoocow123, jessi018, sunnyvilla, potato, potter, curlygirlloves, adurkee7, riseupgamers, zarmala, Exyrea767, i_will_always_luv_me, Hellohope20, Spabl, yalecurling, hottshot_anyway, painted_dreams87, kuehne, wolffange1626, nicobutts, cinnamonraisinbread, flowerspirit, Gia, oshichi, Rommaru, punkys, heathernel, heylyss, TSTG3, battlebunnyc, tristen21, Phenixiasama, mell, Agnes, marva, Buchiu, Kokojazz, sapphierra, kaytieloo, sleepwalking, deweydecimal, thedirtydean, roeccoco, missbryana, FoxyRobin, game_of_thrones1, eiwlie, chocolatecat, Caesar, areslover555, ostentatious, ElizabethLily, slinkyg6498, Blaise, silvernoon, fippinator, KittyKatty1234, Daisies, Sunshynegirl, kitiara31, wintersunboheme, faerieskater, ilovemykitties12, yaschips, dafrozen, smalvaradd, Sigris, kahlana, supersitka, booop, itipeque, clumsycloyster, catz1, hillary890357, polajess, chippypink87, jesselb9289, Melleroo, Lyssie, and Cappuccino more less

5 users want this item: prin69, llmac4lifell, HasJav, nedzmic, and bellebellez more less


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