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MME23-S5b: Nourishment Station

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Everything you need to hide out here for weeks! This was the fifth stage in a multi-stage Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MME). To learn more about MMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.

Occupies: Background Item sometimes, Hat sometimes, Hat sometimes, Jacket sometimes

Restricts: None

129 users have this item up for trade: freeread, rinzombie, dollskinx, aubrielle, Eizzel, Wenchleeuh, amythiiel, akisora, martia, jlpearcy1010, sweetseastar, Nita, Lyssie, arebecca, mexxy, petlover_393999, opel1156, Minna, ciphur, androidturret, inieuwendaal, faerieskater, slinkyg6498, eceltic, mayday0301, cuhdalie, lemonade, Lyss1560, João Victor, Zanzia, kristinlos, nepkeete, _reyah_, tehuber, OzarksUFT, perduco, Chevygirl, silly_mistake, sothebys, nataliea, jardoz, poofiebaby, StarPearl, shami_209, miowed, kitiara31, dhpoohbear, insincerety, Crowprincess, confidentconfused, Bernardo Sampaio, cherrylike, lolasneopets, sky15919, yaschips, Courtnifyed, July, Vixenx, Lysistrata39, heatherperry, alooongtimeago, Chaleny, Kageric, andres_1550, jesselb9289, kyurei, nandamsqt, Kazsia, suzie_b_1, 5522_sylkie_5522, jamiegsy, _cerulean_, janeyherondale, radiokarma, depraving, dafrozen, icetee35121, greyfever, Jennygpy, venabre, Dove, hunneypot, plasticboat, b2350721, gauges, gauges, glittertech, mauvus, jackdylan, Enchanted, bunnybunzz, rsuave, rayoceanweaver, crayolaa_skiess, Destiny_Sphinx, ellabella1987, wcioraly000, oohuguhoo, Irishminx, toorteg, Anyume, tanikins, Inn2, lancey_smiley, Cricketgoddess179, Pandora, devin1211111, dhanifan, Scarlett, petlover_393999, shirok, bshiiz, sutiles, Melleroo, Tifferbugs, adorable1996, Noahlina, dragondancer007, silversteven, chippypink87, literary, Oceahn, undeadhanky, yurinc, decalis, meilin, dewberi, blushingbeautie, and xeclipsesx more less

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