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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dyeworks Mint: Pretty Pink Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

If the wig werent pretty enough, it comes with a sparkly headband! This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Hat, Hat

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings, Ruff

105 users have this item up for trade: eceltic, katjeamur, W0ozle, o0smooh0o, Carolinadaf, threakth, rii, Menageries, puma, xenogeek2, dzalph, lightsfalling, ello, Silkydhrino, piksies, chillywilly, lights, Ringer, octanis, Cricketgoddess179, hikawa_alchemy, chantluigi, scarstardumb, spendmylove, Alice2008126, Linlove, And why is this, prin69, hidefromreality, Antony, Katie Kat, ingzy, miho_chan04, OzarksUFT, princessp3ach, Shazuku, Saoirse2020, andres_1550, Andykarusta, catarina_chan, lil_kitten_kaboodles, Kamal, Rukaisa, starishblue, shizokoh, bunnybroth, heyjupiter, wifey, imbitter, itemsnot_for_trade16, jessi018, potter, giovaniellc2, Jennygpy, cosynes, adurkee7, roseyfen, Brubru, Hellohope20, Sandy, Spabl, xStacyx, Slam DUde, kate_454, bilib, randomevent, ellabella1987, shofi_111, stardustbreeze, thevampirelestat_x, heatherperry, peacebuggiee, djleclair, dafrozen, kimchica, chaoticdust, tiggy027, TSTG3, battlebunnyc, squickerz, Animagus, NorthernStar, fkalauren, Elvenangel, sugarbugg, thedirtydean, Manggaetteok, Phenixiasama, summer80, Kokojazz, meilin, Daisies, Blaise, Violette, extravagance, wintersunboheme, kitiara31, nandamsqt, bellebellez, smalvaradd, jesselb9289, itipeque, pinknela, udubgirl2012, and Melleroo more less

6 users want this item: Daeeh, cheetahgrrl91, tangledheart, Namorita, Zipperman, and Eric_023_CDN more less


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