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Once Upon a Time

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Your stories immerse themselves into reality as the words come to life. NC item was awarded through Patapult.

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

28 users have this item up for trade: skellyskittle, punxtual, chocopurin, Zanzia, booop, meilin, Daisies, succubusty, Marleen, xeclipsesx, squickerz, Courtnifyed, folkearth, robibs, kristinlos, RosaIce, painted_dreams87, jenneh, alessandria707, berlow1, Violette, KittyKatty1234, hotpinkpirate, jenneh2, amythiiel, barfburg, jamiegsy, and Jennygpy more less

12 users want this item: Shadyhaven, evervast, Katanachi, endlessknotx, snowvalanche, cassiopea566, ablaise, kylebishop, easilyxamused, venabre, Abbie, and ixiholic more less


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