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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


A Haunting Path Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

You seem to have wandered a bit too far without looking up...you seem lost but all you see now is this eerie haunting path. Do you dare take it?

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

82 users have this item up for trade: naturalshocks, cherry_25, Esmiraldel, bellantya, erzakites, suu, shirok, invaderzimgrl777, Spyren, TwinInfinitives, fireangel, game_of_thrones1, waritha, lozzy, heathernel, baj2117, yalecurling, xxdonutoid, tootsiex3, gotxyou, suneibybaby, aquaantoni, Animagus, j_blaise_c, Nefarity, mexxy, Iris-h, rubywhatashmoo, piida, xeclipsesx, vitorplemes, Mixelleh, AdrienneL, Belles, Davi, mewfacer, Lilmisse, Kokojazz, hellojuicebox, Blaise, Daisies, radiokarma, temari, ebazza, keia0987, extravagance, decalis, Lucite, einahpetsx, annelliot, ___veilside___, thedirtydean, thenirnroot, starrqua, kristinlos, opel1156, gothika, bayla_hay, maria1593, rinnayeo, claireeski, hillary890357, godtiermarsupial, flashash10, venabre, cannonball2015, hoppip_grass, Melleroo, chippypink87, chrissyfromla, ashley_lemay007, wishfry, CamilaNewsted, Phantom, starspangledsky, grimen, jrevans, itipeque, Sisebi, Sciger, kdobbin, and Milady5x more less

37 users want this item: spukl1, Miluve, pink_gatomon, FoxyRobin, gabberstagged, mjcloset, darkslytherinqueen, spaceyxjacey, Steffindor, yorkie, arolia, Cheetogasmic, KioLake, nataschalea, yopojoe, Loyswo, lorratee, fosterfaerie, catfish314, warp2warp, yellowflower7, rosebutt, ragingrainbow, silversteven, StarlightShimmering, Cassiopeia, csinychick, Namorita, Ollilein, Dragaen_faerie, naexia, aubrielle, zen, eunhearthealer, kylebishop, jadi, and sftangliz more less


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