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NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Do you wanna become a doll today? It will make you look extra special...we promise.

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: Eyes

100 users have this item up for trade: Katie Kat, Jack, SamTS, Lovos, JMcDine, And why is this, xmysticalangelzx, avalonsmage, daniellepaw, christylo, ello, vampire, berlow1, magical336, catarina_chan, itipeque, chesheh, sowlv, Saoirse2020, katiec86, Calum, sydneymorgan, flameoftheunderworld, zeniththeblack, fleana, fluffywampa, taelia, jessicabenavides, Kaydri, terminal_frost, kristee, undeadsissy, Shadyhaven, bellasinc, kneeck, falapagas, __lari__, temari, neoneo_original, berzerkturtlez, itemsnot_for_trade18, itemsnot_for_trade16, heathernel, Kagali, plasticboat, solestri, Spyren, tootsiex3, fabao182, cleung0625, Lucite, katelynnfitz, Animagus, farshiverpeaks, Tamillyan, Lucite, seriouslychloe, ohmydollface, lunatic_kiss, piida, kristenbell, kristenbell, vitorplemes, robibs, Belles, Davi, gnorbu_yarn, xprussia, Marleen, Lilmisse, bunnyfir, Kokojazz, tinyemi, ashley_lemay007, slinkyg6498, Thighnoon, keia0987, extravagance, annelliot, Rexair, ___veilside___, jardoz, kristinlos, gothika, depraving, F_e_c_c, claireeski, godtiermarsupial, smallestfox, rinnayeo, buzzilyn, dragonsladynugua, Iris-h, bayla_hay, Sciger, kekari_queen, ArsenicKitten, grimen, jlpearcy1010, and opel1156 more less

42 users want this item: mariscloset, o0smooh0o, easilyxamused, heyjupiter, venabre, anonymaus, strangerthings777, riseupgamers, dawnstoner, DekSy, ohyeahallison, sherry_heartnet, Kittik3, K3v1nz, starrynightsky13, HowlSilver, Kayoree, smalvaradd, cyndikins, pink_gatomon, Kagali, 170, Kris10K, forgottenbirthdays, seju, baj2117, yoyohayli, bunnyigooboo, artificieus, dopamine_junkie, honeyleaves, im_not_crazy007, Miranda, EmilyES, junegirl75, razu, kuramas_foxy_rose, sharon1997cat, aubrielle, bloodbunnyh, amaranthya, and dimi more less


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