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Neon Twinkle Tree

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Light up your holiday with this beautiful tree.

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

8 users have this item up for trade: Brittany12, chippypink87, fireangel, Zanzia, alooongtimeago, araelle, barfburg, and spukl1 more less

18 users want this item: Abii, Abii, Spabl, CupcakeBakery, sftangliz, heatherperry, Enchanted, taylorjm, Scarlett, colorfulhearts, jlpearcy1010, tanikins, tiggy027, hunneypot, lancey_smiley, Callie_C, aubrielle, and missxblonde7x more less


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