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Grassy Petpets Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This grassy little guys are adorable and will always stand by your side no matter what...seriously they wont ever leave.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

56 users have this item up for trade: skellyskittle, eceltic, Enchanted, eisvogelgirl, Kytten, game_of_thrones1, markcopher, Corruptions, indigents, taytay, xAltaria, booop, effiejae, forfun, barfburg, zeusbobcat, Tifferbugs, Kristin76, Kagali, jenneh, chrissyfromla, smalvaradd, mmpotter, twasduckysfault, jotty346, Sunshynegirl, ironladybug, ri-o, getconnected, charlieputh, frozencookiedough_z1, thedirtydean, FadedReflections, estrolica, Cricketgoddess179, jeankirschtein, mariah_socool, plasticboat, mlnlw, xeclipsesx, nandamsqt, Kokojazz, alooongtimeago, lilith__x, Demadla, reece_layton, arebecca, palegold, jotty346, wishfry, claireeski, yasah7, silly_mistake, eiwlie, turtlelunch, and skysky more less

3 users want this item: sftangliz, Kimmi, and roxychalk more less


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