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Magical Floral Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Flowers in your hair, flowers everywhere!

Occupies: Hat, Hat sometimes

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings

38 users have this item up for trade: skellyskittle, meef, gnorbu_yarn, shofi_111, Sunshynegirl, Seryndale, Marleen, reece_layton, bathpaint, indigents, barfburg, mmelcg, nymphaea, amythiiel, SLP, Tifferbugs, xdemise, vally, jesselb9289, blotto, Chaleny, ri-o, getconnected, Kokojazz, myharto, polajess, jeankirschtein, silvernoon, KittyKatty1234, Zanzia, Callie_C, Agnes, chausiku, Starguardians, frozencookiedough_z1, claireeski, evemnia, and turtlelunch more less

34 users want this item: mewfacer, Minna, userkai, unicornskull, flafika, kcleones, CupcakeBakery, aventinaratraya_, Demadla, spookygirafke, taeyeon, Scarlett, maeblossom, sftangliz, lally199, shyfiresign, shyfiresign, buzzilyn, Kimmi, Lilmisse, StarlightShimmering, bunnybunzz, chrissyfromla, unicornfeet, Caesar, yurinc, grimen, Rometus, alessandria707, bunnyfir, lancey_smiley, Serrahwei, Shadyhaven, and hunneypot more less


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