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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


A Day at the Aquarium

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Spend the day at the aquarium to see all little fishies swimming all around you.

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

117 users have this item up for trade: starlightpixie, bellantya, aesareside, Zanzia, capturedsecrets, Enchanted, erzakites, TheBananasaurus, Kleria, PlayBook, amsisk22, mmj1990, missxblonde7x, melieworm, Wonderbutt22, harpy_witch, Tikiara, smalvaradd, fireangel, Kaydri, tpel, aelyn, nicobutts, nicobutts, Quilpy, ufotea, slaphappytwirp, adorable1996, amandakrueger, TSTG3, gotarcticfoxy, Crowprincess, hummingbird_wish, bossycat1033, veraflorence, felixfelicis, aquaantoni, Tigerlily8403, SweetLullaby, Illuyen, skellyskittle, shofi_111, crazybeans, wintersunboheme, unheroine, junwooie, niicholee, Rexair, Ludou, lilkramit, eisvogelgirl, shannonnbananonn, alphard, forfun, Sunshynegirl, ueaxis, melony, kccat95, redgeisha, mexxy, topazyurble, hehateme2007, Kokojazz, Mixelleh, cassadaisy, kristenbell, alessandria707, Laurann, piida, golden1188, jamiegsy, babygirltamera, ostentatious, umnfresh2, decalis, game_of_thrones1, Uzhul, apbjs187, evervast, hotpinkpirate, andres_1550, lancey_smiley, vampireslayer142, xoxobreann, return_of_itsy, pythagoras, kdobbin, greyfever, Topperprincess, cemetary_vampire, jenneh, Ailsa, catz1, alooongtimeago, chrissyfromla, ohyeahallison, Con, anneem9999, marilia, Mengtie, tristen21, hidefromreality, estrolica, Blaise, shirok, itipeque, venabre, Haieno, cannonball2015, berlow1, lightsfalling, SugrrNSpiice, raquelle, degenius, marva, Scarlett, and gnorbu_yarn more less

4 users want this item: novelista, jess_1109, darkinvader1981, and shyfiresign more less


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