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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Rose Coloured Glasses

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Sometimes you see life through rose coloured glasses and everything seems okay.

Occupies: Glasses

Restricts: None

78 users have this item up for trade: gravyboat, bunnyfir, usukis, hellokristin, black_rose12, Shadyhaven, imbitter, amie, itemsnot_for_trade16, Leggyre, spellmagic, invaderzimgrl777, naptime, m_magic_girl, heatherperry, Spyren, lilith__x, pinknela, fennec, Pureinhim, raquelle, booksofcoffee, estrolica, shannonnbananonn, Abii, loradream, kccat95, piida, xeclipsesx, morgkitty, cassadaisy, ostentatious, palegold, daisybaby11, annelliot, Kokojazz, merlion8313, marva, Wonderbutt22, Trinity_3000, return_of_itsy, maddymanko, tinyemi, crimson_kiss6667, unicornfeet, layces, Shannonon, lakefu, canadagirl1996, Daisies, confidentconfused, kristenbell, Blaise, golden1188, Topperprincess, gnorbu_yarn, nightshade_nova, depraving, roeccoco, madior, apbjs187, defininglove, wishfry, jamiegsy, lightsfalling, thedirtydean, ironladybug, frozencookiedough_z1, tiggy027, cannonball2015, KittyKatty1234, dianacpv3, xomissbrittanybooxo, riosuave, Phantom, velvetgeisha, kdobbin, and claireeski more less

16 users want this item: Astreyu, lolaae, rosegoldhiips, gabberstagged, ri-bread, anonymaus, anonymaus, youthfulcherries, miami, forgottenfolly, thecoala, Kagali, Abbie, veggietarian92, Pastelcolour, and razu more less


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