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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Fuzzy Slippers

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The fuzzy buddies will keep you warm on your midnight walk to the fridge.

Occupies: Hind Cover sometimes, Shoes sometimes

Restricts: None

130 users have this item up for trade: aesareside, nepocci, cyndikins, Leyn, erzakites, Nuno, t0tor0, poppyseedlings, ciphur, Ringer, blue_star03701, bmisko, polesiapart, Kimyo, alooongtimeago, Fuzio, summerxnightsxx, missxblonde7x, Shazuku, Kitamon, afiercedarling, starishblue, jojudee, ipxd725, plasticboat, nitocris, prin69, phresh, roxychalk, kurowanwan, m_magic_girl, Laggy, peacebuggiee, veggietarian92, fred_obsessed, 4seconds, MayAngelQt, love_0007, nicobutts, here4good, hgseasons, aodthyn, santamonicace, kimchica, roseyfen, lugal222, jenneh, tschnexo, lozzy, purple1234, glitterycow, Vicky, paands, jennibeans, curlygirlloves, louisep, Woolfiee, mysteriousallure, aquaantoni, yellow_gellow, Amo, floneko, hydah, siaaaaanxo, oOKirara2Oo, tinkmaskter, stinky_678, oshichi, ohthisisnostalgia, power_and_beauty, nofx__, kihyun, coldbrews, stormbraininggg, r3belyell, Vixenx, subzero, j_blaise_c, niicholee, eggtart_bakka, tpel, mstowell, Nefarity, markcopher, Daisies, ohh_rly, Agi, unicornfeet, Vonvonvon, resurrectionofhope, jamiegsy, Amy Chen, Sunshynegirl, decalis, colormeclever, ostian, areslover555, pfbabyz, Lora, lucy_haha, reece_layton, redgeisha, lamchop, kccap, Zipperman, Jennygpy, ohyeahallison, dianacpv3, degenius, kaytieloo, temari, lightsfalling, wintersunboheme, kcleones, pinknela, anneem9999, fairytail, Bearz, withoutprotest, kdobbin, purplenightgalaxy, kccat95, ohmydollface, lunatic_kiss, lunatic_kiss, game_of_thrones1, loradream, Destiny_Sphinx, Phantom, and colormeclever more less

14 users want this item: dinahaby, forgottenfolly, vesuvius_410, NutellaOnNewts, ShilohAlexander, jessi018, BerryBun, xxmew_zoey_xx, StarlightShimmering, myrmidon_mamori, anglitora, thenirnroot, mayday0301, and literary more less


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