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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dusted Blue Rose Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These roses were perfectly placed here and exude springtime vibes!

Occupies: Hat, Hat

Restricts: Hair Back, Hair Front, Head Drippings

140 users have this item up for trade: linnea, capturedsecrets, dirtsje, Kristi_grrrl, Katie Kat, ello, slaphappytwirp, laurendti, polesiapart, itipeque, halfkitten, Potling, evilduckeh, luffy, mooonpoool, Saoirse2020, ohyeahallison, jennibeans, jelast, itemsnot_for_trade14, Kaly, deakzy, Doll, Shadyhaven, supersara247, Halery, c h a r l i e, chippypink87, intotheunknown, Sparkie, __lari__, curseofthecoffin, mermaidmarie, imbitter, alicedee_xxx, bunnyfir, items_not_for_trade8, x_Amaranth, shizokoh, cuty_pie_8, surbearpdx, oo0ani0oo, oshichi, alissy123, nicobutts, heathernel, Beautifulplans, flameoftheunderworld, Exyrea767, dreambeatle, hidefromreality, Chaleny, Gia338, DuckyxD1, dependence, murci_13, silvernoon, palegold, battlebunnyc, butterflychick2073, potter, chrisssy, sara_spunk, _iina_, moonshimmer18, spellmagic, wintersunboheme, sailorini_1, shofi_111, invaderzimgrl777, bunnykitty687, amourei, fairytells, Roxana, smalvaradd, owlcitizenskysailor, Lucite, turtlelunch, lugal222, bwilson512, Lallynha, chaoticdust, undeadsissy, leilani214, csinychick, frumpydumpy, thedirtydean, peglime, norma, nivetha16, dare, gingerbabyx3, Reeves, cassiopea566, shoyshoyru, claireeski, cemetary_vampire, sirys, felixfelicis, thenirnroot, sunset40595, tpel, vitorplemes, jamiegsy, lucy_haha, cassadaisy, merlion8313, kelihana, Lysertrix, waderitoo, Kokojazz, hannalc, stmarshall, stinky_678, fireangel, sugarbugg, trubiekatie, scrumple, prexoious, Traicionada, Amo, degenius, jiyoon, big_spider, dianacpv3, badgiford, kate_454, roseyfen, kihyun, special, nofx__, catz1, xxmew_zoey_xx, fairytail, squickerz, control, game_of_thrones1, marva, suneibybaby, and Sezyvex more less

16 users want this item: queenmegs, eastcoastbabe, Joyeux, venabre, forgottenfolly, Bre, Loyswo, SunflowerLoving, StarPearl, randomneopian, stadtfee, ellenik, Abbie, alessandria707, darkinvader1981, and StarlightShimmering more less


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