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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Dripping in Diamonds Dress

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Shine bright like a diamond in this extravagant dress!

Occupies: Shirt/Dress

Restricts: None

146 users have this item up for trade: brittiekins, usukiland, salesius, jrayeb333, xStacyx, terminal_frost, azizajane, echobabygirl, catarina_chan, peglime, ksparks1992, paintedromance, Louisa, starlightsong, hanlb, imbitter, hilary_duff_fan_16, unejouissance, amsisk22, slaphappytwirp, chiwizzard, pootlecat00, bug82498, puma, sugarbugg, book_wyvern, tifabee, charlieputh, proverbialromance, uber_, Charrzard, subzero, rugrat0ne, dewdropwood, Suokami, Lanfect, Potling, thalia_kira, Saoirse2020, Pixe11, avelaingia, Kristi_grrrl, polesiapart, Astra, Eliade, getridofeverything, eunoiad, meganmoo, aviagua, itemsnot_for_trade10, mom2chis, Shadyhaven, churulia, caomicc, baiuki, Mommypoo82 , Shadyhaven, items_not_for_trade6, chippypink87, luvlucee, mstowell, honeyguts, justcallmebeee, mooonpoool, sunshinedaisy, slugertdressup, werme123, sweetpeach7720, Leggyre, dreambeatle, Eloain, m0th3r, majinsa, Gia338, mafuyuu, Sanae, mariah_socool, Braindamaged19 , Shazuku, esraeh, aelyn, imgonnageta, bunnyfir, Ringer, 0o_simple_plan_o0, bmisko, potter, spellmagic, invaderzimgrl777, phresh, DearDeanna, decalis, m_magic_girl, abusively , m1ntyone, baj2117, peacebuggiee, Katelyn, mitzi, 4seconds, xlr8full, mandyiscute40, lugal222, marva, silvernoon, keonne75, j0ujiu, j0ujiu, heylyss, star400040, Nefarity, natalielorenze, Eizzel, meilin, misssybenz, Serendipity_Pea, hunter4ever, wintersunboheme, SugrrNSpiice, snowqueenoftx, xxdonutoid, ello, Bernardo Sampaio, yalecurling, fireangel, curlygirlloves, forfun, Daze@Y1997, roseyfen, stinky_678, catz1, djleclair, xxsteffiezxx, jenneh, chaoticdust, Demadla, kimchica, andreita_bonita90, livard, nebulousfable, leticiahpj, hidefromreality, itipeque, chantluigi, game_of_thrones1, and cotton more less

9 users want this item: gabberstagged, Arcade, DekSy, Abbie, Kimmi, kuramas_foxy_rose, Minna, esophee, and StarlightShimmering more less


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