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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Pet in a Present

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

You lift the lid and what pops out is the most wonderful gift!

Occupies: Background Item sometimes, Static sometimes

Restricts: None

202 users have this item up for trade: Iris-h, Ringer, mmoocow123, moonaura, Doll, polajess, atturigs, 0o_simple_plan_o0, bmisko, polesiapart, caileanmalfoy, Zanzia, amsisk22, nepocci, ayakae, Kris10K, georgiesbuttercup, Enchanted, potter, cherry_25, heartbreaker, Hamzah, trashcan, mmj1990, kyndling, comets_and_cakes, puppysmix, isabehla, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, vala789, crafty, flannelRaptors, Sunshynegirl, abtaylorxo, lzarc, rayoceanweaver, Sliced_Ramen, rickrlz, Chevygirl, Reeves, Exyrea767, Kianna, Kokojazz, yopojoe, Cowshed, ilikegnorbus, Linlove, sammiie, Kageric, Daniellemt, bogeda, sunry, jessi018, icing800, starishblue, fred_obsessed, cassiopea566, i_will_always_luv_me, guillamm, punkys, fireangel, Lyssie, paintedromance, fosterfaerie, lucy_haha, sandygirl2007, addiebaddie, lozzy, glitteryprinceus, mandarinorange, lavenderbunny94, mitzi, invaderzimgrl777, silentmuse_x, TARDIS, mistshroud, CopperGoblin, fonarita, Christie, return_of_itsy, decalis, hillary890357, awesomesauce, Blaise, piida, tpel, scary_chicken, tiggy027, thenirnroot, Jennygpy, Jennygpy, shoyshoyru, Miosuki, oshichi, jackolantern, Dove, Kaymariex3, sapphrodite, Roxana, nicobutts, LilDreams, Complexum, Vatani07, Sugarfootfan, chippypink87, slaphappytwirp, yalecurling, Dino, claireeski, Charlotteisfab, curlygirlloves, Toastedmarshmallows, lancey_smiley, paands, blackmetalcc, Daze@Y1997, wolffange1626, Mamiknitcrochet, Gia, radiokarma, KrysD, maeveofthesea, Russ, Vixenx, darcwhale, shirok, sogno12, jennyliiu, rukanightmare, j0ujiu, tinkmaskter, velvetdeer, kuehne, agcoburn, baj2117, ohitsjenny, moon_hates_you, Roseyflower, Agnes, yellowflower7, shylady04, July, jenneh, chanty, Agi, Destiny_Sphinx, ohyeahallison, control, hartley03, stinky_678, accade, heylyss, xobandit, eiwlie, sara_spunk, Tallyburger, thorilliere, pregnatress, bathpaint, heathernel, greyfever, im_so_jaded16, xxlaurennxx, mermaidlora, kate_454, Slam DUde, prin69, Maileth, riss_chan, deweydecimal, sweetneopine, focaccia, fairytail, itipeque, Melleroo, great__romances, great__romances, emmy_kat_26, wintersunboheme, wintersunboheme, Vivian, luffy, Nekow0, lizwisch89, Cia, Fuzio, reiven_zero, Riokri, alooongtimeago, luucsg, Cheyanna, capturedsecrets, Spabl, dafrozen, ryizen, zero2hero18, athzalar, mjcloset, anneem9999, strawberrystraws, m_magic_girl, and lorlurin more less

3 users want this item: kaylawuvsnc, Ghostei, and Minna more less


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