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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Candlelit Floral Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Twirled candlesticks flicker as flower petals fall. Their scent is so aromatic and the mood here is so peaceful...

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

295 users have this item up for trade: woof456, Carnage, Faded, Kristi_grrrl, sanajenko, Turtleneck, linnea, clorew, dafrozen, Flybe, Illiebelle, kiwichampion, freaky_frog_100, Elexia, fairline, _cabby, dependence, Oceahz, elleh, UmbrellasAndRoses, bighead620, nofx__, arolia, vampire, mmj1990, KatsNC, Enchanted, capturedsecrets, abookthief, itemsnot_for_trade28, alison1993, hujyt_8_8, And why is this, Lyres, curseofthecoffin, Rosemarie, Wonderbutt22, Sandy2, almino80, hamdinger7, Astra, Erliane, Thatsmycloset, sweeteas, itemsnot_for_trade27, Tobio, hujyt_8_8, Merengue, purple, memi, emternal, dinahaby, teatime, heartbreaker, Ricardo_, Antony, Fearless, mewnicorn, toncinap, dawsonlynn, Katie Kat, 01_baby_girl_, lovelies, toughduckette, slaphappytwirp, chesheh, elocinne, wintersunboheme, alooongtimeago, ibeth602, sebaskpo10, polesiapart, hayley, evilduckeh, Gia, Schokopfote, neekko, supersara247, sharpiepwns, gabberstagged, daniellepaw, posternutbag, cassiej95, Bibouboop, chantluigi, virgo4554, sogno12, meganmoo, polajess, kolaar, katrina2035, jelast, itemsnot_for_trade14, roosewald, VixenXO_, silvacat24, planetmars, bmisko, 006jazzy, lancey_smiley, Doll, ocean_dweller_, oshichi, undeadsissy, butseriously, lauraek96, chillywilly, bashling, smile_hurluberlue, KrysD, sweetie_purple16, punxtual, chippypink87, Nekow0, proverbialromance, Jessyspets, Jessyspets, intotheunknown, fengzhongqiyuan, superkat, Inn2, Dollicate, justcallmebeee, kokirikid, Blaise, __lari__, Nocturnite, Agi, alittlewicked, wifey, mermaidmarie, peacebuggiee, divourwig, charlieputh, charlieputh, big_spider, abtaylorxo, bestforever_2004, Sanae, thew00, imbitter, Jhudora2021, cococola12345, xdeath_metal, Charlotteisfab, keyboared, hummingbird_wish, moonaura, NutellaOnNewts, denzelle, sapphrodite, HugsEtc, michaelayvonne, sybiltammy, wintersunboheme, hong_kong, windbunnie, yurinc, Secre, Spazzyhippie, kallistni, Charmedbabe1124, Ringer, Mona2, Loyswo, Frostyxx_, mordicai, Roxana, andres_1550, gypshe, liverawr, Contradictant, Kris10K, m3gvirg0, cotton, lucy_haha, Axcravia, Shazuku, Spyren, yakuun888, 0o_simple_plan_o0, potter, SariGaviria, blammer258, Kokojazz, sforsoccer14, Gia, Calypsoid, vanillah, lexiobah, July, bluejeangenie, dish000, yellowcloud, vanannidian, _javier_30_2, surbearpdx, raelien, Scribes77, fairytells, Melleroo, zero2hero18, veraamber, miami, Hellohope20, itemsnot_for_trade15, dreambeatle, Tallyburger, xxabiixx, jhouna, bogeda, Gia338, squeaktoy, chanty, scrumple, StarlightShimmering, Complexum, CopperGoblin, esraeh, moonshimmer18, xmickay, santamonicace, moguri, roseyfen, greyfever, baj2117, fieh, Picasso, morgkitty, mslovelymuse, jessieop17, Agnes, AJ, cuty_pie_8, scarredaxel, itipeque, elhiwe, ackieja2, pixiezui, veracity, gabygoval, flameoftheunderworld, kynre, fuzzy_wong33, ohyeahallison, sahar, hidefromreality, Con, akesis, janeyherondale, shizokoh, thecheesey, lollirott, Mamiknitcrochet, bunnybroth, karablue15, butterflychick2073, gerrralddd, xobandit, moon_hates_you, faith_lovehope, fairytail, j0ujiu, lcedot, panda1421, lizwisch89, ouzzow, kennon, shirok, stinky_678, jenneh, Roseyflower, Ishmael404, avelaingia, mandarinorange, bunnyfir, mjcloset, game_of_thrones1, comets_and_cakes, Sezyvex, wyrmwood, yalecurling, tabbycat196, Kamal, candyappleangel, alissy123, taelia, mermaidlora, unejouissance, kate_454, shofi_111, eleganza_lights, avalonsmage, riseupgamers, and tinyzuko more less

3 users want this item: Rosemmary, superman, and venabre more less


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